Indian Mobile Recharge from Dubai

India mobile phone top-up services dubai at the NT.PAYMENTS kiosks

India mobile recharge at Fresh Day Mart, Al Mamzar Dubai Sharjah

Your payment kiosk at

Fresh Day Mart

Grocery Store

Address: 31 Street 2 - Dubai

Phone: 04 296 0296

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India mobile recharge from uae. Mobile recharge indian phones from Dubai and other services at the NT.PAYMENTS bill payment kiosks. 

The NT.Payments Kiosk in Dubai, Al Mamzar is a part of the largest payment system in UAE. More than 2600 cash payment kiosks in all of the Emirates.
More than 520 services are available at the NT.Payments payment machines. Etisalat, Du, DUBAI CHARITY Association, Salik, Utility Bills, International Transfers, Hello Five, Play Station, X-BOX, Western Union, Google Play, iTunes Vouchers and many more other services.

Your bill payment machines, the NT.PAYMENTS kiosks

You have to pay for everything. That´s the way life is. But how can you do this as easily as possible? Saving time, overcoming distance, preserving your health. The most popular way worldwide is at self-service kiosks! In the NT.PAYMENTS system, you can pay for everything in just a few minutes: Telephone, internet, utilities and other bills. Buy discount cards, pay for purchases. Instantly pay for products and services anywhere on earth. User-friendly process thanks to prompt messages. Our security program encrypts all data, and payment is guaranteed to reach the recipient. Pay all your bills at a single location, at any time, on any day. NT.PAYMENTS system payment kiosks, use them yourself and grow your business, making the lives of others better.

Locate other cash payment kiosks on the NT.Payments map in Dubai: KIOSK MAP

Service Ding Data (India) is a new service at the NT.Payments terminals in Dubai

Keeping in touch with families and friends is very important for all customers, when they spend a lot of time abroad. Especially for these customers a new service has been connected  at the NT.Payments terminals – Ding Data (India) for purchasing mobile Internet traffic.

The international service Ding Data enables people who work abroad to buy megabytes of Internet for their families and friends at favorable prices.

Now you can buy Internet bundles of some providers that work in India.

With the new service you will be able to pay for mobile Internet traffic quickly and easily and to keep in touch with your friends and families.

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